September is Emergency Preparedness Month Are you prepared?

September is Emergency Preparedness Month Are you prepared?


September is National Emergency Preparedness Month…so here’s the question…are you and your family prepared?


That is the sound of an earthquake that I got off one of the FEMA websites.

Natural disasters tend to be big, powerful, and life changing. Sometimes, unfortunately, disasters take lives. Whether it’s an earthquake, a big storm off the Bering Sea, erosion or even a kitchen fire that leaves you out of the house for a few weeks, now is a good time to think ahead and make plans.

Let’s all work together this week as The LegHead Reports focuses on emergency preparedness to take a few minutes each day and get your family thinking about and gathering up all the items you’d need or want to have on hand should a disaster strike.

Even if all you did was grab a piece of paper and a pen or type a few notes on the computer each time you hear one of the programs this week, you’ll be that much farther along and more mentally prepared for The Big One.

Audio from

That snippet comes from but you don’t need to go there as the state’s website includes a lot of great information, including a chart guiding you through assembling your family’s seven-day survival kit.


Make a Plan for Yourself, Family and Friends


Alaska’s Emergency Preparedness Page for Personal and Family Planning  Has all kinds of information. Bookmark it. Read it and get ready!

New 7 Day Supply Kit from Alaska’s Emerg Prep Page.