Press Release from new Senate Majority

Summary of Key leadership positions and areas of interest

Press Release:   Senate Majority organization following 2012 election

New Alaska Senate Majority Leadership

Senate President – Senator Charlie Huggins

Senate Majority – Senator John Coghill

Rules Chair – Senator Lesil McGuire

Finance Co-Chair – Senator Kevin Meyer

Finance Co-Chair – Senator Pete Kelly

Top Three Areas of Interest

  • Increasing oil production in Alaska and, in turn, the flow rate of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline.
  • Delivering affordable energy to Alaskans to their energy needs, as well as commercializing our vast supply of natural gas and exporting it to create a new economy in Alaska.
  • Develop sustainable capital and operating budgets for current and future generations

Other Areas of Interest

  • Declining Alaskan salmon stocks
  • Graduation rates, job training, and voc tech opportunities
  • Alaska’s role as the gateway of the Arctic