Kodiak schools forced to adopt budget without knowing state funding for next year

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Apr 22 2014

Amidst Fiscal Uncertainty, School Budget Passes

Maggie Wall/KMXT

The Alaska Legislature continues to struggle to come up with a funding plan for the state’s education system. That has put a real wrench into plans for the local school budget.

Because of deadlines and timetables, the Kodiak Island Borough School District must present a budget for next year to the Kodiak Island Borough Assembly on Thursday. To meet the Thursday deadline, the school board had to approve its proposed Fiscal Year 2015 Budget at last night’s regular meeting.

So, how do you prepare a school budget in the range of $50 million when the bulk of your funding comes from the legislature and the legislature hasn’t yet figured out how much it will provide in funding?

The Answer:   You base the budget on what you do know, pick a mid-range figure for what the state will provide, and you hope for the best.

The school board and borough assembly will meet in a special joint work session on Thursday. Hopefully, by then they will know what the legislature will fund so they can adjust the proposed budget based on actual figures.

The school board approved a $51 million budget for Fiscal Year 2015 which begins July 1.

The budget assumes the legislature increases the Base Student Allocation by $185, and it asks the borough for $522,000 more than the current year.

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Committee to take up Education Bill on Tuesday at 10

Committee to take up Education Bill on Tuesday at 10

Gavel Alaska is reporting Conference Committee on Education will continue meeting on Tuesday morning.

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Gavel Alaska ‏@GavelAlaska 22m

Conference committee on education bill has been rescheduled to 10 am tomorrow. Senate & House meeting back up at 11 am. #akleg

#akleg  on Twitter is the place to go for latest updates on what is happening in Juneau. Alaska Legislature members and Alaska press are constantly posting update and info.

I’m sitting here listening to the Kodiak Island Borough School Board meeting which must OK a budget for next year tonight then meet with the Kodiak Island Borough Assembly on Thursday…Kind of challenging to present a reasonable budget while still waiting for legislature to approve school funding…Maggie

Photo from Alaska Democratic Caucus Facebook Page.

What legislators say about session and bills

See this article on How to Find Out Which Bills Got Passed.

A good way to track what got passed and what the various legislators think about the session and the issues they dealt with is to go to the four different caucus websites and read press releases, newsletter summaries being sent to constituents, as well as Twitter and Facebook posts.

Here are the links the four caucus groups in the Alaska Legislature.

House Majority Republican Caucus

Check out “Latest News” tab and also look at bottom of page for summary of most viewed, etc.  Usually, they post end of session press availability and assorted audio – video items under “Recent Media.”

This caucus site is the best for post-session press releases and bill summaries during the first few days after the session. Also it is the best site to follow for what bills have been signed by the governor, usually with a press release for each bill as it’s signed. Those often take several months to process, so bookmark the site and check back often.

This site tends to be the most active of the four in the off-session, interim months.

Also be sure to check those newsletters to constituents that summarize what happened in Juneau. They are some of the best sources of info in terms of being easy to understand. Also, you get background or “asides” from the legislators that you won’t get anywhere else.

  Senate Majority Republican Caucus

The Senate Majority also does a good job of posting press releases and updates on bill progress and signings after the session is over. Same with audio-video. And same as above for constituent newsletters.  Be sure to check the bottom of the home page for latest updates and “In the News” where you’ll find articles, etc. from Alaska media about what Senate does.

The House Minority and the Senate Minority

The Majority Caucuses have the money and the staff to do lots of press stuff, but the two minority caucuses generally have viewpoints and materials you won’t find anywhere else–partly because they don’t get the press coverage the majority does.

(The majority controls the legislature so most of the bills passed are majority bills, so that makes it a fact of political life, not necessarily a pro-Republican thing in terms of press coverage.)

The updates to constituents written by the minority legislators tend to have a totally different tone from those of majority legislators. Plus, the different perspective is refreshing–sometimes the only place you’ll hear many of these thoughts expressed are in the minority members’ letters to their constituents.

Alaska Senate Democrats News Room

The Senate Minority’s take on what happened in the legislature and perspectives on different bills.

Alaska House Democrats Website

This takes you to home page of House Minority’s website which includes recent press releases and commentary. The House Democrats are really good at Facebook and Twitter.

(They won my vote as a good source of info back in the beginning of the year when their Facebook post was virtually the only mention of the State of the State Address before it happened…Maggie)

What bills have been passed by the Alaska Legislature

Here are some links to find out what is happening in Juneau on this final day of the session.

Good luck getting on it this final day of the session, but  here is the page on the Alaska Legislature’s official site that shows what bills have passed as of when you search the site.

There are instructions from me on how to use the Bills Passed Page below, or click on this link to the original post.


Here’s where you’ll find a listing and links to all the House Majority’s Press Releases.  You might want to bookmark it and refer back to it after the session when they have time to write lots of press releases about all the different bills that they passed……………..

Summary of new items posted on the Alaska Senate Majority website.  Click on the bar labeled “Breaking News” which is gold in color and under the main photo. Same as above, you may want to bookmark this page so you can what they say about bills after the session.


The House Democratic (Minority) Caucus is also posting news and commentaries on bills. Look to bottom of page to see Twitter and Facebook posts.


The Senate Democratic (Minority) Caucus has a lot of posts, Twitter, and Facebook comments going up in these final hours.  Look near the bottom of the page for the current info.



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