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The LegHead Report “Check Us Out” Campaign Talking Points

Name of Campaign:  “Check Us Out”

Purpose:  To invite Alaskans to come visit our site ( to see what a great resource we are for Alaskans interested in the legislative process, state government issues and how to get involved and have a say in the decision-making process in Alaska.

What is The LegHead Report?

A popular radio show in the communities in which it airs. It’s a short—2 1/2 minute—daily news and information report on the Alaska legislature and the state government issues – what’s happening, why it matters, how it all works, and how Alaskans can get involved to make changes in state policy.

The show airs Monday through Fridays, year-round, because the state government doesn’t shut down just because the legislature is not in session.

It is currently in its 6th year of production.

What’s the show like?

The LegHead Report is definitely unique. Kind of a cross between Rachel Ray and Sesame Street. Sometimes serious, sometimes fun, and we always strive to be easy to understand.

It’s a way to learn more about legislative and state issues without having to work at it.

The show combines news, information, history and sometimes just plain fun to bring listeners (and now website visitors) a daily look at issues that affect us all, the experiences that unite us in this Great Land, and information you need to help you make a difference in Alaska.

What’s a LegHead?

A LegHead—pronounced ledge, the way a legislative junkie would pronounce it—is a person who has an interest in what the legislature is doing and the legislative process. And since the state government naturally comes out of that process, we include state issues and interesting Alaska subjects such as history and early legislators in the basket of subjects that a Leghead would follow.

What is the website? is a new multi-media website which has tons of information that Alaskans will find useful when dealing with the legislature or state issues.

First of all, we have our daily radio shows. Both the audio version like you’ll hear on the radio in the areas where it’s broadcast, and an article version of each show. Plus, we include a resource section at the bottom of each daily post with links to more materials and related subjects.

Who produces the show?

The LegHead Report is produced by veteran Alaska journalist Maggie Wall who is based in Kodiak, her home of more than 30 years. Her experience working for the legislature for two sessions set her on “this mission to teach others it’s not as hard as they make it sound.” She was a press secretary for the Senate Majority in 1999, and later a legislative aide for former Sen. John Torgerson of Kasilof in 2001.

Quality journalism and excellent production.

The LegHead Report is the recipient of numerous Alaska Press Club Awards for excellence in journalism, including first place for Best Ongoing Public Affairs Program during its first year of production.  It has placed in the top three in that category three out of the five years the show has been produced.