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For Immediate Release: June 14, 2012  

Contact: Maggie Wall

The LegHead Report



New multi-media website shows Alaskans

    how to get involved in state decision-making    


Alaskans now have a new and interesting source for all things legislative.

The LegHead Report, an award-winning radio program, has launched a cross-media website focusing on the legislature, state government issues, and how Alaskans can have a say in decision-making in this state.

The LegHead Report—pronounced ledge, the way a legislative junkie would pronounce it—is a daily news and information report on the Alaska legislature, how it works, why it matters, and how Alaskans can get involved to make changes in state policy.

“Alaskans are quick to step up when they see something that’s not working. I like to think of the show as a tool to keep them informed and to give them the courage to get involved,” said the show’s producer, Maggie Wall, a radio and print journalist based in Kodiak.

Speaking of tools, to celebrate its statewide launch has put together a toolbox of tips and materials that Alaskans, and especially those interested in becoming proactive in state issues, will find useful.

“The Alaska Legislative Toolbox” includes a wide range of articles and mp3s on legislative and state issues, tidbits on early Alaska legislators, as well as a collection of links to online tools that proactive Alaskans will find both useful and interesting.

“We have seen time and again, where one or two votes literally made a difference in who was elected. In Alaska we have amazing access to our legislators and Congressional Delegation,” said Wall. “It’s easy for us to develop a first-name, or even friends relationship, with the people who make the final decisions for this state. It’s important that people feel comfortable speaking up when something affecting them or their community is being decided. My goal for the LegHead Report and the new website is to encourage and support the by giving them tools they need in one place.”

Wall’s experience working for the legislature a decade ago set her on “this mission to teach others it’s not as hard as they make it sound.”

The show is now in its sixth year of production and currently airs on five Alaska radio stations, with plans to expand to other Alaska stations as well as online venues.

The website includes the 2 ½ minute radio shows in both audio and text formats. In an effort to become “the source for all things legislative” the site provides annotated links to the legislature, state, and related websites. And to prove that learning about the legislative and state process can be fun, there are also articles on state history, trivia and materials on learning and getting involved in the process.

“So much of the material out there is dull and hard to follow. I don’t do dull very well, and neither do most people,” said Wall

The LegHead Report is the recipient of numerous Alaska Press Club Awards for excellence in journalism, including first place for Best Ongoing Public Affairs Program during its first year of production.  It has placed in the top three in that category three out of the five years the show has been produced.

About the LegHead Report: A popular radio program based in Kodiak focusing on Alaska issues and how you can have a say. For more information, contact Maggie Wall at