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Updated Several Times Per Day

Morning Minutes – Provided by the House Majority Republican Caucus

Shows listings of bills, where they are, what action was taken–both in committee and on House Floor, and what to expect the next day.


     Senate Night Notes – Provided by Senate Majority Republican Caucus

Daily summary of Senate Activities including committees, Floor session and what to expect the next

Alaska Senate Democrats News Room

The Senate Minority’s take on what’s happening in the Legislature and with different bills.


Alaska House Democrats Website

This takes you to home page of House Minority’s website, includes recent Press Releases and Commentary.


Governor to Host Virtual Town Hall Wed. 16th at 6 pm

Governor to Host Virtual Town Hall Wed. 16th at 6 pm

Got a question you’d like to ask the governor?

Gov. Sean Parnell will host

a Virtual Town Hall Meeting

on Wed. at 6 p.m.

You can send questions to him. You can also watch the Town Hall live on Facebook and the Governor’s website.

Here are the links:

Send your questions now to AskAKGov@alaska.gov, post them on the Governor’s Facebook page, or tweet using #AskAKGov.

You can follow along during the Virtual Town Hall at  #AskAKGov on Twitter or watch live on Parnell’s  Facebook page or gov.alaska.gov/askakgov.

How to tell which bills have been passed by the Alaska Legislature

How to tell which bills have been passed by the Alaska Legislature

It’s easy to see which bills have been passed by the Alaska Legislature. It’s all in a listing on one of the search pages.

The only tricky part is knowing which session to look at. For this legislative session, choose the option for Second Session.

That is because there are two parts to each numbered legislature. We are in the second session of the 28th Alaska Legislature.

Here is the link to the table of Bills/Resolutions Passed, followed below by the way to get there if you don’t have a link.

This Table of Bills Passed shows bills passed by Both the House and the Senate. That means, that unless they are Vetoed by Governor Parnell, these bills will become law.

How to get to Bills Passed Listing if you don’t have the direct link:

Here is the link to the Home Page of the Legis Site — the Alaska Legislature’s official, non-partisan site. They call it the Legis Site because that’s how the URL starts:  http://w3.legis.state.ak.us/

Got to Legis Page, then to Searches, then Passed Legislation, Click the Dot for “Bills/Resolutions Passed Second Session.” Then Click “Display,” and the next page is a list of bills and resolutions passed as of the time you did the search.

If you prefer to see what JUST the House or JUST the Senate have passed, you can Click the appropriate Dot.

Here’s a tip for using the site when it gets really busy–like the last day of session and the day after session ends.

You will find that the Legis Site gets clogged up and hard to get onto.  I’ve found it’s easier sometimes to go in through what I call a back door. Here is how to do it:

Go to the site sometime BEFORE the final days. When you go to the site, bookmark all the pages you hit as you go in searching around.  Wander around a bit and bookmark pages as you go. That way, if you find you can’t get onto the site some other time you try, bypass the Home Page entirely by going to one of those bookmarked pages.

It may be my imagination, but at times it’s a lot easier to get onto an odd-ball page than it is to get onto the Home Page. Once you’re into the site, it’s easy enough to move around. It’s the getting into the Home Page that can be very difficult at times.  This has worked for me every time.

It’s Spring in Alaska

Happy Spring Everyone!

Now all we need is flowers…Maggie

House approves measure to control drones

We’ll have more later, but for now here is link to Sponsor Statement for House Bill 255.
Sponsor Statement HB 255


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