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Welcome to the Office of the Governor, Boards and Commissions web page. On this site you will find a list of active state boards and commissions to which Governor Parnell makes appointments. Through this list you can access fact sheets and rosters for each board, as well as links to individual board web pages.

Please note our new application. In addition to the original two-page application, we’ve included a press release disclosure form, and a list on which applicants can indicate their first, second and third choices of boards and commissions on which they would like to serve (1 is the most-preferred choice).

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Office Activities

The Boards and Commissions office stays active year round. Approximately 10 to 15 boards with expiring terms turn over every month. Recruitment is an ongoing process. We reach out to civic and community organizations, associations, organizations, executive staff and friends.

We welcome ALL Alaskans to apply to serve on boards and commissions. Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis. We receive an average of five to 15 applications per day depending on the current vacancies, and on recommendations from constituents, legislators, local elected officials and various organizations.

All applications and recommendations are logged, responded to and filed. Once candidates are vetted and interviewed, the director makes final recommendations to the Governor and Chief of Staff. Once candidates are approved for appointment, they and the board’s contact are contacted by phone. All appointments receive an appointment letter from Governor Parnell and the director of boards and commissions, an oath of office, an updated board roster and fact sheet, and an ethics packet. Appointments will be announced in a press release from the Office of the Governor.

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How to Apply by Fax or Mail

Send a completed boards and commissions application, a resume and a brief letter explaining your desire to serve the State of Alaska, to:

  • Office of Governor Sean Parnell
    Attention: Jason Hooley, Director of Boards & Commissions
    P.O. Box 110001, Juneau, Alaska 99811-0001
  • To contact the Boards and Commissions office
    By phone: (907) 269-7450
    By facsimile: (907) 269-7461
    By email:

We appreciate your interest in serving on a state board or commission. For further information, contact the staff of the Office of Boards and Commissions at (907) 269-7450 or at