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Contact Lists

Alaska’s Congressional Delegation

Contact Information for the Alaska Legislature 2012

Contact Information for Legislative Information Offices

Contact Information for Alaska’s Commissioners (State Department Heads)

State Employee Directory ~ Search for state employees

Municipal Officials Directory ~ Directory of Local Officials Around Alaska

Legislative Webpages

The Alaska Legislature’s Official Non-Partisan Website

The House Majority’s Website (House Republicans)

The House Minority’s Website (House Democrats)

The Senate Majority’s Website (Senate Bipartisan Working Group)

The Senate Minority’s Website

Alaska license plate

State Webpages

State of Alaska Website

Governor Sean Parnell’s Webpage

Lt. Governor Mead Treadwell

Alaska Division of Elections

Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)

Permanent Fund Dividend Division

Doing Business in Alaska

Alaska State Land Offerings Webpage

Alaska Job Center ~ Find a Job, Find a Worker to  Fill a Job

Alaska Court System

Top State Links for Residents


Alaska Budget for Fiscal Year 2013 ~ July 2012-June 2013

Office of Management and Budget

What Was Funded and What Was Vetoed in Budget

Budget Breakdown by Region of State

Tips for Understanding the Mumble Jumble of Budget Words

A Glossary of Budget Terms ~ Easy definitions of budget words


Consider Putting Your Name in for a State Board or Commission

List of Boards and Commissions ~With Links to Info Sheets, Websites and Members List

Quick Tips and How to Apply


A List of Bills That Passed in 2012

Bills that Passed 2012


Legislative How To ~ and Tutorials

Different Kinds of Legislative Resolutions

Tips to Researching  Alaska Legislative History ~ How to Research the History of a Bill

How to Read a Bill

Legislative Process in Alaska

BASIS Tutorial – How to Use the Legislature’s Bill Information System

How to Work with Legislators–Don’t Worry, They Don’t Bite


Alaska Constitution

The Alaska Constitution ~ Link to a Searchable Version

Alaska Constitution Broken Down by Articles from Lt. Governor’s Site

Citizen’s Guide to the Constitution (pdf) ~ Easy to understand Analysis of Constitution

Alaska Native Organizations

Alaska Federation of Natives

Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act Resource Center

Alaska Native Knowledge Network (at UAF)

Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (43 United States Code Chapter 33)

Federally Recognized Native Entities in Alaska



readyalaska campaign logo

Emergency Preparedness Information

Ready Alaska Website

Get a Kit, Make a Plan, Be Informed

Basic Emergency Kit (with Yupik Translation)

Seven Day Survival Kit


Interesting and Fun Sites About Alaska

Websites of Alaska Municipalities ~ Links to Local Community Websites

Alaska Community Database ~ Information and History on Alaska Communities

Travel Alaska ~ Regional Maps and Places to Go

Community Photos Library ~ Photos from Around Alaska from Div. of Community & Regional Affairs

Japanese Tsunami Marine Debris Program

Japanese Tsunami Marine Debris Frequently Asked Questions

Alaska Digital Archives ~ Lots of Photos, Recordings and Movies from Early Alaska

Alaska Capitol History and Video

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