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Governor calls Special Session to begin Wednesday

Topics include: Oil tax legislation Gas pipeline Tougher penalties for human trafficking

Where to go for information on session

Here are a few links to key information about this past session of the Alaska Legislature. What bills and resolutions passed                                   Capital Budget FY 2013 SB160 Operating Budget FY 2013 HB 284 The Four Caucus Groups’ Sites: Senate Bipartisan Working Group site (Senate Majority) House Majority site (House Republican Caucus) Senate Republican Caucus site (Senate […]

A listing of all the bills that passed this session

This is from the Alaska Legislature’s official website…Maggie Bills and Resolutions Passed by the Alaska Legislature in 2012 session. ___________________________________________________ Bills and Resolutions Passed by Both House and Senate This Session BILL SHORT TITLE SPONSOR(s) HB 6 REMOVING A REGENT GRUENBERG HB 19 SPECIAL REQUEST LICENSE PLATES LYNN, GATTO HB 21 SUICIDE PREVENTION COUNCIL MEMBERS […]

More legislative activity from tail end of session

From the House Majority…Maggie +———————————————————————–+ Bill Activity for Apr. 16, 2012 As of: 01:00:04 am Alaska Time +———————————————————————–+ HB 104 : Alaska Performance Scholarships Sponsor Statement: +———————————————————————–+ HB 121 : Loan Funds: Charters/ Mariculture/ Microloan Sponsored by the Hou. Rules by Request of the Governor An Act relating to certain commercial fishing loans and […]

Legislature creates fund to finance energy projects in Alaska

Press release from the Senate Bipartisan Majority….Maggie ___________________________________________ Senate Bill 25 creates the Alaska Sustainable Strategy for Energy Transmission and Supply JUNEAU-The Alaska State Legislature has passed Senate Bill 25, the Alaska Sustainable Strategy for Energy Transmission and Supply (ASSETS).   Senate Bill 25, sponsored by Senator Lesil McGuire (Anchorage) and Representative Lance Pruitt (Anchorage), establishes […]