Thursday June 30th is Anniversary of Alaska Statehood Act

June 30, 1958 – Date of Senate passage of Alaska Statehood Act July 7, 1958 – FDR signs Statehood Act Jan. 3, 1959 – Alaska becomes 49th state This  “We’re In” photo was taken on June 30, 1958 the day the U.S. Senate passed The Alaska Statehood Act. The famous photo, above, was taken the […]

Tips for understanding the mumbo jumbo of Alaska budget

Glossary of Budget Terms Even if you’re not a numbers geek you’ll likely find something interesting and readable about the state’s Fiscal Year 2015 and the 2016 budgets on the Office of Management and Budget’s website. I’ve had lots of fun reading through them and encourage you to do likewise. Now before you freak out […]

First Alaska Legislators Treked to Juneau

Click on Link below to DOWNLOAD  The Daily Radio Show for Tues. Jan. 10, 2012. TLHR Jan 10 Tues First Legislators Trek to Juneau 1 of 2 Alaska legislators and staff often brag about their trip to Juneau. You know, driving at 20 below and not seeing another car all day. Or running into a […]

Why not put your name in for a board or commission

New bipartisan adminstration means new opportunities to get in on the ground floor of Alaska policies and decision-making How to apply for position on an Alaska board or commission Place to get information on the various Alaska boards and commissions and how to apply. More Information Boards and Commissions Home Appointment Process Active Boards & Commissions […]

Alaska will have a new governor

Alaska will have a new governor

Sean Parnell Concedes to Bill Walker Transition already started, mutual cooperation Walker to be sworn in on Dec. 1   Click Below to listen to The LegHead Report for Mon. Nov 17: Parnell concedes election to Walker (2:28) Resources: Walker/Mallot thank Parnell for “gracious” concession that allows for transition.  (Takes you to Walker-Mallott campaign page) […]